My fiance was born on 23.11.1990 nd I was born in 09.08.1992 ...what you say about our match nd how's would b our life after getting married

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Hi Faiza,

He is Metal Horse and you are Water Money. Water and metal are compatible, and Horse and Money are also compatible. So, you are a good match and could enjoy a happy marriage in life as a whole.

Both of you are gifted and able to get out of difficulties with perfect ease. However, you have too many similarities, which may also results in conflicts easily. He is tactful, confident and opportunistic, while you are versatile, frank and shrewd. You may easily have disagreements especially when you work together, and neither of you is willing to make a concession because of your strong character. So, you need to learn to make a concession when have disputes in life in order to live happily.
One thing more we would b able to marry easily or there would b difficulties from mine or his family?
You would be more compatible with a Dog man.

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