Rat and monkey


Did 1996 rat female and 1980 monkey male is the best match ?

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Hi Alycia lay,

Yes, you are the best match in Chinese Astrology.

You are truly a match made in heaven and will have a lifetime of happiness together. In life, you are active to explore and inspire each other's potential. The male monkey has a nice thinking head and can always devise strategies without going outside and win in a remote distance. The female rat, a good home keeper, arranges everything in good order. The male monkey admires the female rat's diligence and thrift, while the female rat often brings pleasant atmosphere to the family.
How about 1999 rabbit and 1980 monkey male ?
1999 rabbit female and 1980 monkey male is of medium match.

They can be a cooperative and harmonious couple finally although they may often reach the same goal by different routes. They usually have totally different family background and different views, but both of them can face the truth, cherish and understand each other, and look for a proper way to solve the problems between them with a positive attitude. The male monkey is wise, practical and active, and strives for a brilliant career through unremitting fighting. The female rabbit is gentle, cultivated, charming and good at making others follow her mind. The male monkey wants to be in the spotlight, while the female rabbit yearns for an easy life.

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