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I'd like for someone to give me insight an 2 types of prominent dreams I keep having now that I'm pregnant. One is that I keep looking in the mirror. More specifically I keep seeing a reflection of my lips (last night I had a funky color lipstick on). I have seen myself looking in the mirror wearing clothes and one time I was a wearing a necklace. I know On here it says indication of boy but on another website it goes in detail saying if a pregnant woman sees a reflection of herself then it means being pregnant with a girl vs if she sees a reflection of a man then it's a boy.
Next dream I keep having is driving! I'm always driving somewhere in my dream! Does this give any indication of anything ?
Any insight is greatly appreciated!
I also had a dream last night of luscious bunches of white flowers.
Thank you

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Hi Kathy Dee,

According to The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou, an extremely popular book about the interpretation of dreams in China, pregnant woman seeing a reflection of herself in dream means being pregnant with a boy. And the baby will be the pillar of the nation.

Driving somewhere in dream, if driving smoothly without traffic, that indicates your baby will be healthy and you will deliver the baby smoothly.

It's hard to see if luscious bunches of white flowers in dream indicates boy or girl. Different kinds of flowers indicate different genders. But in most cases, flower is the symbol of girl.

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