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I was reading your palmistry webpage and I must say I'm very impressed with your detailed knowledge regarding palmistry.

I have a question regarding my palm, and wanted to ask you for an analysis. Basically, my fate line merges with the heart line forming 3 prongs, or a trident. One line goes towards the mount of Saturn, the other between my middle and index finger, and the third toward the mount of Jupiter.

What does this mean?

Thank You

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Hi benjamin khafi,

Your lines show that your career will be affected by your emotion. You usually let your emotions interfere with career or rule your business decisions. It also indicates a career decline from the age of 50. You are friendly and honest. However, in love, you are fickle and may like one today and like the other one in another day. This will make you couldn't have a smooth marriage in life.

Just for your reference.
Thank you for your reply.

It says on you site if the fate line as well as the heart line ends with a trident it's a good sign. In my case, the fate line a the heart line both meet at the end, and afterwards a trident is formed. Does this mean that both my fate line and heart line end with a trident or since they combine in the end it means something else?

thank you
I also noticed a trident on my mount of mercury. What does that mean?

thank you

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