2017 crush my life completely


I have no job
I have no money
I have no family
What next
When things will improve plz help

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Hi Gagandeep,

What's your date of birth?
Omg I'm the same. I am pig woman 1984
My grandpa passed away
I broke my leg and have no job
I broke up with my bf
I feel like it keeps getting worse

Please help when will it get better ?!? 2017 is terrible
Hi Gagandeep and Thu,

Under the pig sign, your will be affected by too many inauspicious stars in 2017under the influence of which you will find it's difficult to develop the interpersonal relationship and your relatives may pass away or fall ill; your health will be under threat and you may have disputes with others. You will have bad luck in career, finance and love and find it's hard to develop the fortune with the opposite sex or the benefactor. Since you will be affected by the inauspicious stars 'Sang Men' (丧门) and 'Tian Ku' (天哭) which indicate death or illness of the elder family members, you need to keep a close eye on the health of the elder in your family, especially those who have poor immunity, often fall sick or have chronic diseases. Due to the adverse impact of the inauspicious stars, your mood will be full of changes, which will naturally lead to psychological diseases.

You'd better wear yellow, brown, and red clothes or decorate your house with these colors in order to improve your luck in 2017. Don't worry this too much, be optimistic and have a good attitude towards life, things will turn to be much better in 2018 especially in the second half of 2018 to you.

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