my future life earning and my wife


um presently into business with my cousin, what will be my financial position in future. I love a girl too much u can say more than my life will I be able to get her in my life forever. She had a heartbreak after a very steady relationship of long time may b she is feared of more relationships but somewhere i feel she has feelings for me but feared to let it out.

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You are Wood Rat in Chinese zodiac. For the persons of wood Rat, you could enjoy a good fortune in wealth and live a comfortable and wealthy lives during the whole life. While, you are not good at managing money. So, you couldn't save a lot. If you could make saving money as a lifetime habit, you will accumulate more wealth in life.

In terms of love, you are blessed with a happy marriage life. And your future wife could help you a lot for your career. Everything could change to be much better after you marriage. You need to show your love to her by your practival action instead of find words.
Thanks for your reply.
I love a girl too much. Her birthday is on 2nd May but not sure of year n timings.
She's a very nice girl but somewhere don't know what she's thinking of ...
Will she say yes to marry me. I've proposed her twice but every time s said um hopeless romantic. U pls don't waste your time on me. But I luv her a lot
Hey maria really very nice answer.. I want job in mnc.. My date of birth is 13 may 1990.. Birth place is Delhi. Please guide me with your helpful response..

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