my fate, love career, education ,and my character.


I want to know about my love career,my fate amd my education .
I also want to know about my character and its effects on other.

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Hi sankalpa,

For the prediction, please provide your personal information including:

1. Gender
2. Date of Birth
3. Birth Time
4. Birth Place
5. Marital Status: (Single/In a Relationship/Engaged/Married)
birth date=1997-008-16
birth time=4:32 am,,not exactly
birth place=Nepal
marital status= single

I am not married but i love a girl named as sheela.
I also want to know my fortune in love and education.
Thank you!
Hi sankalpa,

Sorry for the late reply.

In nature, you are optimistic, clever, loyal, independent and confident. But you usually like to be self-centered and don't consider more to others. You like to insist on your own opinion and don't like to other's idea. You pay great importance to your friends.

Your luck in career and finance is good in life. You have many chances to make a fortune and you can grasp the chance with your effort. Besides, you could get great help from your father or your future wife. If you could go abroad to work or in another city of your country, it's more favorable for you to make success.

Your future partner will be a girl who is clever, attractive, helpful, good at social relationship and like to make everything clean.
Thank you !

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