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My birthday is October 19, 1988. Year of the dragon.
My Grand Ma's family Chinese name is Liwang.
My right fingerprints are thumb- double loop, index finger-tented arch, middle finger- loop, ring finger-whorl, pinky finger- loop.
I have a nearly perfect star. The first line starts at the headline in between the fate line at the center of the palm. The second line starts nearly at the end of the fate line crossing between the headline and the heart line touching the second point of the sun line. The third line starts between the heart line and the headline touching the second point of the sun line crossing the headline and the fate line and ends at the life line. The fourth line starts at the life line crossing the fate line down to the end of the headline. I've also experience dreaming about the future since I was a child and those dreams are really happening but I don't know what's the exact date it will occur. It's crazy but I've also seen a lot of dead people. I don't know what does this mean but it really affects my life. Can you help me decipher it? and please include readings about love, money, health and career about me. Thank you in advance for the details and Happy New Year.

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