I want to know my fortune this year in love, health,education ,


August 17,1997 saturday =Birthdate

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Do u have the hour and city of birth too ... ???
From your info so far ... I can tell u the year 2022 will be the most important year in your life called the year of destiny as was 2005 and 2014...These dates I derived from Numerology

but in Chinese astrology of the 8 characters u have the animals Bull...Monkey and Rabbit ( it is not just one animal as many assumed ) so in 2017 be careful of health especially to do with head and eyes area ... wear your helmet if u ride a motor cycle and wash your hair with a good natural shampoo made from almond oil or orange oil to generate a good halo aura in your crown chakra to protect from bad energies in the year of the red rooster ...

your education or school this year should excel as a bull raging ahead in many academifc fields...What are u studying ... ???

Love coo be determined once u give me your hour of birth of can get it ... Like from your mom or birth certificates...

Namaste...!!! Keep Laffing like me... LOL...!!!
Hi sankalpa sapkota,

You will have very good opportunities to develop love relationship in 2017. Your luck in health in 2017 will be not bad and you will always look healthy and energetic as if you have exhaustless energy, so you can achieve your goal during this period. Under the influence of ominous stars, however, you may feel depressed, so you should adjust your mood because the long-term big pressure will seriously harm your health.
Hello sir my Birth time is 4:20 am .
And I am studying Bsc.CSIT.
Would you help me about my Fortune numbers and colors .
Thank you!!!

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