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Asked by M***y | 1/3/2017 7:22:29 AM

Hello I am born 1982 and I am planning to move in to our new house on Jan 31, 2017, but the almanac says Clash Ox. I am born on year of the Dog, but my daughter is 2006, Year of the Ox, is that a problem? Or is it always based on the head of the family?

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S***t 1/3/2017 1:29:26 PM

Hi Marphy,

It's based on who will live in the new house. So, you'd better choose a day that doesn't clash you signs all.

M***y 1/3/2017 4:37:24 PM

My family's birthdays are
Mine Mar 14 1982
Wife Mar 20 1982
Son Jan 9 2006
Daughter May 14 2008
Mother In Law Mar 22 1958 (lives with us)

Do you think its ok to move on Feb 8?

S***t 1/4/2017 3:33:41 AM

You, your wife and your mother in law's signs are all Dog.
Son: Rooster
Daughter: Rat

Feb 8 doesn't clash your signs but it's an inauspicious date for moving. You'd better choose one of the following auspicious dates:
January: 9th (Clash Tiger), 15th (Clash Monkey), 18th (Clash Pig), 27th (Clash Monkey)
February: 13th (Clash Ox), 15th (Clash Rabbit), 17th (Clash Snake)

E***e 1/9/2017 1:27:04 AM

What date can we move on our new house?
Wife and daughter:rat

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