Morning-Noon-Evening time divisions?


Hello, could you distingush what 2-hour signs correspond to each Morning,Noon and Evening birth time divisions as stated in your personality profiles?

My birthdate Is 6-25-1970 (male) My birthtime is 12:44 A.M. Central time, USA.

Compatible sign indicates I was born in the hour of the Rat. Most seem to indicate this is nighttime(evening?) So, Is this actually evening or morning?

Thank you so much for any help with this.

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Hi B. Sargent,

You should apply your birth time into Beijing local time as the time is based on China Beijing Time. As Beijing Time is 14 hours earlier than USA Central time, you were born at 10:44 A.M in Beijing Time. So, you were born in the hour of the Snake which is correspond to the morning.
about the rat being gullible.... i wonder what your zodiac is? this is for the writer.
i personally think that you may think we are gullible, but we are also just leading you on, for example, you are bluffing a story, and it sounded like its a made up story. we will just lead you along that we are believeing you. but honestly, you could see us frowning already. like do we take you out by your lies? we sometimes dont know how to let you know without wanting the people we are close with that you arent believable. but just let you talk sht. hahaha. but deep in our minds, this fker is bluffing.

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