Me rooster, Husband dog, 2 daughters (Tiger and Dragon)


Hi we would like to try another 3rd child for a son, is monkey year suitable for us?
And which month is more favourable for a boy?

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Hi Jolene,

Only the Tiger couldn't be compatible with the Monkey. The other three zodiac signs are all compatible with the Monkey.

I need to know your DOB to predict the best time for you to conceive a baby boy.
My dob 25 dec 1981. Tks
According to Chinese baby gender chart, in Gregorian calendar, the best time for you to try for a baby boy is from December 11th to 31st.

In 2016, the best time are:

January 1 - February 7
March 9 - May 6
June 5 - July 3
October 1 - December 31

Just for your reference as the dates are not right for everyone.

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