Match for Marriage


I would like to know compatibility between me and the boy I am dating.

DOB: June 8th 1984
Time : 10:50 pm
Place of Birth: Dehradun, India

DOB: 17th March, 1978
Time of Birth: 8:15AM
Place of Birth : Dehradun, India


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Hi Gayu sharma,
You are not a perfect match. Before the marriage you may have few problem but after you learn each other more and stay for a long time, there will be many different opinions, disagreements, quarrels or unhappiness between you after marriage.You need to take great effort in order to enjoy a happy marriage. 
In order to make your relationship good for long, you should not place your bed in south-north direction. In addition, you can place a tiger or money decoration in your bedroom. But remember, you can place only one to solve the conflicting problem. Or, you'd better choose to give birth to a child in the year of rabbit or ox to solve the offending problem of your zodiac signs. Besides, you can also make friends with those under tiger or rabbit sign as the bridge of your relationship.

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