Male Dragon & female Sheep


Not long ago my little sister started dating a boy. She is Cancer Water Sheep and he is Capricorn Metal Dragon. Are they overall compatible? I don't want her to get hurt.

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Hi Laura Butkus,

In Chinese astrology, Water Sheep and Metal Dragon are okay in love but not the best match. They may be together impulsively. After some time, they may find they have totally different temperament and they are unwilling to make concession to the other. The male dragon is smart, brave, decisive, adventurous and independent, while the female sheep is a good housekeeper who is passionate, fragile and sentimental. The female sheep needs frequent and persistent comfort. The male dragon may help an unfortunate woman because of his strong sense of justice, but it's hard for him to behave so patient and sympathetic as what the female sheep desires. Both of them have to make great efforts and try not overdo a thing in order to live a harmonious life.

This is just for your reference.

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