lucky prediction in 2016 for Sheep born in 1955


i born 4 october 1955, how about my lucky prediction in 2016 heru

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Hi Heru,
In wealth, 2016 is a good year for the Sheep people born in 1955 to accumulate wealth. There are many good chances for you to make money. If you invest, you are expected to get a good harvest.

Health should be paid much attention to especially the digestive system or cardiovascular disease. Also, you are easy to be irritable thus quarrel with your family members in some time.

Not sure if you are single or married now. If you are single, your love fortune is good in 2016. You may meet your love in work or during activities. If you are married, your relationship with your family members will be nice. Although you have some disputes before, you are easy to reach a consensus when meeting problems.
i was born 23rd May 1955. as been not easy life and business was badly and worry about all that bills not able to pay. hoping that in any way guiding to get some luck to pay of the bills . lost job and still cant fine a job for more than 6 months , saving is also getting dry soon. worry days nights cant sleep well . any helps and guiding .. PLEASE
Hi steven wee,

People's fortune usually fluctuate in life. At this time you meet difficulties in finance. It may turns to be better in the next few years. So, don't worry too much. Every problem has ways to be solved. Attitude is very important. Suggest you seek help from your friends or family members.

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