Love Match


Darius 10.1.1990
Noah 19.8.1993
Melissa 15.11.1991

Which one is suitable for me?

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Sorry correction for Darius b'day.. It's 10.1.1994
Hi Melissa Isa,

In fact, both of the two are compatible with you no matter in terms of your zodiac signs compatibility or birth element compatibility in Chinese astrology.

In western astrology, Noah has a more compatibility with you in love. Darius is also good to you.

You'd better ask your own heart to decide which one to start a relationship.
Thanks for ur answers Maria.. But is darius really suitable for me? Bcoz he born on his Chinese zodiac is dog.. I thought dog and sheep are not compatible?
His Chinese Zodiac sign is Rooster not Dog. For people born between January 23, 1993 and Feb. 9, 1994, his sign is Rooster.
  | I get it.. Thanks Maria..

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