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Hello There,

I am a female born 02/14/1989 at 6:15am in Anaheim, CA and am inquiring about an male born 12/04/1985 time of birth I do not know but city of birth is San Diego, CA. What’s the possibility of us being a good love match? Compatibility wise?? Thank you in advance

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Hi Jenna,

You are under the Snake sign and he is under the ox sign. In Chinese Astrology, you are very compaible. You can have a blissful marriage, and your love will last forever. Your hearts are closely linked and beat in harmony. He strives for a high-quality life, and you also have the same desire. He is the source of your courage and fortune, and is admired and loved deeply by you in your heart. You are a well-bred lady who is good at managing money matters and can bring him happiness and pride.

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