Job for my Future


H.i im Taurus-Rabbit male
they say i'm born on may 19,1999 at exactly 12noon lunchtine in Dagupan City , Philippines
I'm single almost lonely but can't feel the loneliness
I'm the 2nd among oof my 5 siblings
and too bad i'm suffering from pimples on my face gheez it looses my confidence to face people much more from my relatives..

The thing is I'm an architectural student and i don't know if it does fit me or otherwise.
and do architecture will be my future job? how could it be.. cuz im a trimester almost students knew about the skill and techniques while me i'm the slowest yet dirtiest maker of plates too bad :( can u help me how could i fix this issues and tell me if should i change course right now before its too late.

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