I'm done with this life.


I'm Talib Hussain, DOB 30 January 1974, Time around 10:00 AM.
I only had one dream in life for over 20 years that I want to move abroad, I hate here and I always will, I had many chances and I tried my best but my family always became an obstacle and ruined every opportunity. My siblings are mean and selfish and I still don't expect anything from them, they are all abroad and living a good life. even my parents never gave a shit about me. It's just me and my mom now living together and I guess I'm the caretaker now. I curse them every day.
I never married and don't want to, I got no job for a long time, still searching. my life is all f**ked up, I got so much anxiety and I don't want to live anymore. I think about suicide every day. I'd really like to know what's gonna happen to me because I'm done with this life.

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I just read about:


Tiger people born in the 30 day of a month

Everything is true and accurate.

I was born cursed.
You need to try to find a job to earn enough money and leave abroad. Be positive. Rely on yourself.

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