is a monkey baby 2016 suitable for us?- i am an earth goat


i need to know is it possible to have a monkey baby 2016 if iam an earth goat 1979 and my husband is 1973 -ox and my son is tiger 2010?

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Hi just want to know how we get along with another baby possibly a fire monkey this year...if i am earth goat sagittarius 1979, my husband is water ox virgo 1973 and our son is metal tiger aries 2010?thank you so much. more power.
please let me know your response
Hi Harf,

The Tiger usually couldn't be compatible with the Monkey. In addition, Fire melts Metal, they are in the controlling cycle in Chinese five elements. So, your son may not get along with your another baby born in Fire Monkey year.

It's Ok for the Goat and Ox to get along with the Monkey.
thank you so much. what will be your advice for us as a family?

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