is 2016 good for giving birth of baby


Is this ,2016 is good for giving birth of baby as I'm pregnant from Nov or DEC , I'm snake born in 1989 with rabbit born in 1987 ?

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Hello akanksha, in Chinese culture, the people under the Snake sign will encounter Taisui who is regarded as the legendary God in charge of people's fortune. So, it needs to have some happy events for you during the year such as wedding, give birth to a baby. So, the baby born in the year will make you have a good fortune in the year.

However, in the long run, the Snake and Monkey are best match according to the Chinese zodiac compatibility chart. You may have problem with him/her in the future. Luckily, your element is Earth and the baby's will be Fire. The two elements are in the generating cycle. So, your relationship will not so bad. You don't need to worry about this.

As Rabbit and Monkey are compatible with each other, there will be no problem for the two people.

Just for your reference.

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