Information About All Dragons and thier status.


What is the Dest Dragon? also what is the most helpful dragon or dragons?

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In traditional Chinese culture, Dragon is a symbol of imperial power and represents dignity and honor, also marks fortune and success. In ancient Chinese mythology, both Yellow Emperor and Yan Emperor were the sons of dragon; as the descendants of Yellow Emperor and Yan Emperor, Chinese people are undoubtedly the descendants of Dragon.

Born in the year of Dragon, you are ambitious and creative. Male Dragons are vigorous. Generally, you tend to have good luck in life: in youth, you may fail easily because of your stubbornness, just as the saying goes: 'if the old dog barks, he gives counsel'; in middle age, you should behave properly to improve your character and take preventive measures for everything; in old age, you might do as you wish without overstepping the line.

Rooster, Monkey or Rat are the most helpful signs for the Dragon.

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