what is my fate?


My name is Talib Hussain from pakistan. DOB 30 january 1974. i don't know the time. im unmarried. i have a dream to move to USA or canada and i tried everything but no luck. i have no interest in life. im financially not good. i am looking for a life partner but seems like no one is interested in me. i feel frustrated all the time. i just don't know what to do with my life.

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Hi Talib Hussain,

To predict your fate need to know your birth time. As you don't know the time. I just offer you the horoscope predictions for 1974 born tiger in recent two years.

According to Chinese astrology, your fortune will turn to be better in next year. But I think if you want to find one loving you, you should firstly make yourself good in finance. In today's society, no one would like to marry a man over 40 without money.
thank you for your quick reply. i asked my mother and she said it was 10 AM. hope next year will bring some good luck in my life. i have a good job IT but my salary is not good enough due to low education.
can you predict if my dream of settle down abroad will ever come true?
thank you again
You belong to those people who married late and get success late. It is a good field. If you could do it well and find a good job in USA and Canada, you will make a good salary. From your Bazi, you will become rich by earning money by money instead of working for others. So, if you could do your own business or make investment, you wil get success earlier.

Could you let me know what block you from moving to USA or canada?
thank you once again for your reply and it's good to know that i have some nice future. sure i will do my best to make my future better.
sorry for the late reply as we had EID holiday here and i don't have internet at home, just office.
as for your answer. In last 15 years or more, I had 6-7 opportunities to more abroad including USA, canada, dubai, denmark and UK, but unfortunately i got some financial and other family issues from my siblings or relatives. i have two sisters and one brother. my brother is a canadian citizen but he do not talk to us anymore after he got married around 9 years ago, he changed completely. both of my sister are married and they are attached with us (me and my mother) but they cannot financial help. that's what blocked me from moving. my salary is good enough to run home but not strong enough to spend money on visa and sadly i live in a country which do not have good reputation when it comes to apply for visa.
also can you please tell me what is "Bazi"?
i hope it help if you have any other question please let me know I really like to hear from you. thanks

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