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Hi, I am looking for job apportunity for more than a year now. I am almost reached to the conclusion that I must change my career field.i am 37 age and it's difficult to change career. As mentioned in palmistry article I have fate line stopped at head line and starting again at heart line. However starts with tussle mark. Ending in small forked on Saturn. I also have head line little depressed at one point. Though continues smooth after. Please guide me.

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Hi Shewta,

From your palm lines, your work may be stopped around the age of 35. There may be few year's termination of your work due to some reasons. But after you start working again, it seems to be not smooth as you think. So, I suggest you not change your career field easily as you are not so young. The lines on your palm will change with time passes by. It may turn to be a better one if you make good decisions.
Thanks Sandy

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