how to conceive a sister to a big brother?


Hi, I tried to calculate, but not sure if I am right doing this. If we want to plan a baby girl, when we should I try to "make" baby in 2017 ? :) my DOB 7 of may, 1983, converted to Chinese- was 24,95 March, 1983. thank you for explaining :)

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Hi Hope,

The day you should try for baby girl is two days before the ovulation. According to the Chinese Gender Chart, you will get a baby girl if you are conceived in the following periods. As it uses the first day of last menstrual period as the conception date, your LMP should during one of the following time.

Mar 28 - Apr 25 (Chinese lunar March)
May 26 - Jun 23 (Chinese lunar May)
Jun 24 - Jul 22 (Chinese lunar June)
Jul 23 - Aug 06 (Leap 6th lunar month. First half of lunar leap 6th month will be counted as the 6th lunar month.)
Aug 07 - Aug 21 (Leap 6th lunar month. Second half of lunar leap 6th month will be counted as the 7th lunar month.)
Aug 22 - Sep 19 (Chinese lunar July)
Oct 20 - Nov 17 (Chinese lunar September)
Nov 18 - Dec 17 (Chinese lunar October)

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