How is it going to be for roosters born in 1957?


I`d like to know how is it going to be for us, those born in 1957. I know that I am now in the Sheep phase (born at 11:00 o`clock, MEX City. Thanks for you information.

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Hi Mariatrine,

You are fire Rooster in Chinese astrology. 2017 will be the fire Rooster year. So, you will meet the year of zodiac animal in which you were born. According to the Chinese ancient superstition, in one’s year of birth, he will offend 'Tai Sui' the Grand Duke, and will have bad luck during the year.

According to Chinese custom, you'd better wear something red such as socks, clothes, underwear, belt or bracelet to avoid avoid ill fortune. Those things had better be bought and sent to you by other people.

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