Horoscope recommendations please.


I'm trying to find find a Chinese Astrologer to compile my horoscope please. I have previously had Western horoscopes done and wanted to see how they differ, as Chines horoscopes seem to be far more complex.
I have tried looking on line for ideas and advice but no-one replies.
Kindest regards,

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Hi Sue Jacqueline,

What do you want to predict? You should provide your DOB, birth time and birth place for horoscope predictions and recommendations.
Hi Ding,
I'm not specifically wanting any particular event predicting, more an overview of "myself". A natal horoscope for my personality and career potential would be more what I'm after I suppose.
Any recommendations & advice as to who to contact for this type of work please, would be very much appreciated?
Kindest regards,
I'm shcoekd that I found this info so easily.

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