Horoscope of Rooster born in 1969 for the year of 2016 (monkey)


Horoscope of Rooster born in 1969 for the year of 2016 (monkey). Thanks

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The overall fortune for you will be positive in 2016, year of the Monkey.

In career, you would be lucky to get help from others. In addition to your hard work, you are easy to be promoted during the year. Whether you want to stay in the present work position or switch to a new job, it’s a good year.

In finance, it will be general. The middle of the year would be a nice period to you. You should be extremely careful in investment and manage your money well. Once you have some surplus of money, you are suggested to deposit them in the bank. Also, avoid lending monkey to others.

In family relationship, you may be bothered about your children’s study. Also, because of your busy work, you would have little time to accompany your partner. So, during the year, try to communicate with them more to avoid any unnecessary contradiction.

As for your health, there will be no big problems. Those kinds of fried food should be avoided. More time to rest and sport will be great helps to your physical condition.

Astrology elements for Rooster born in 1969 in 2016:

Lucky Directions: Southeast, Northeast
Inauspicious Directions: East, West

Lucky Colors: Beige, Yellow, White, Silver
Inauspicious Colors: Red, Pink, Purple

People under which animals signs could bring you good luck: Snake, Dragon, Ox
Thank you.
I was born on 27 th May 1969 very much red, not like brown. But it is written that the Rooster Brown lucky color. What colors would bring me good luck in 2016?
Thank you. With respect and best wishes
Hi Margarita,

Your lucky color in 2016 are white, silver, yellow and beige
Unlucky color: pink, red and purple
i was born may 19,1969.what may lucky number &day?what is my lucky color2017?thanks
Hi rosalinda,

Your lucky number in 2017 are 2 and 6. Lucky days are the 2nd, 22nd and 26th of of each month.

Lucky colors in 2017 are Black and White.

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