Hi I'm reposting this because I still haven’t received a response


> shaped line starts above head line and makes a > at fate line on left hand?

Asked by Sarah Jerge | 1/23/2018 12:52:05 PM

> shaped line starts above head line below index finger as a Y then at head line the Y merges into a sing-line as in crosses in a \ direction throught the head line and near base of palm it hits my fate line and bounces downward to my palm base creating a > shape from point it meets ny fate line. It almost looks like a backwards letter k. I am left hand dominant and thisboine is occuring on my left hand .

What is this? It doesnot intersect with my life or heart line. Its very dark especially at the > point and backwards k with fate line.

Thank yOu

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Hi Sarah Jerge,

The line should be the second line of fate line. It means you will have a good development in career no matter you work for others or do business by you own. There will be someone giving you great support and helping you much for your career.

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