Someone wanting me to cut them


Hi, I just had a dream & this dream involved someone, a celebrity actually, that I am a huge fan of who has passed away for a few months, now. I haven't stopped thinking about this celebrity & just had a dream that this celebrity had myself & someone else captive and was with this other female first and treating her very cruelly and violently, I could hear it all and I was very frightened. He then came to me and I was very frightened and crying and one of the things that he demanded was that I cut him. I can't remember the EXACT details of what was being said but, I had to cut him a certain way or, I was sure something would happen. In my fear, I cut him a couple of times but, it was done wrong and he bled and it was kind of messy, at one point, across his side, causing a gash, not huge but, there was blood. In my head, I found determination to do it right, HOWEVER that was, and for some reason, I was given a chance to do it right, I wasn't brutalized and when I cut him this time, I think it was like down between the web of his thumb and pointer finger, it was a good clean cut, I guess you could say it was SKILLED and, I showed more confidence and no fear and turn away and he was satisfied with this and let me go. Even though I was let go, I still felt controlled by him somehow, like he was always watching somehow, even disguised so I wouldn't know it was him. For example, as I was on a train and tried to talk to a friend about it (in my dream) I sensed he was nearby and I looked behind us and there was a man sitting behind us that wasn't him but, I felt like it WAS him, disguised, so I kept quiet. So, it's like a CONTROL dream as well? And could this control be because I haven't stopped thinking about him since his passing?

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