having not match animal sign in both partners


Hello ,ma'am & sir
Im Jocelyn Miñoza i have boyfriend which is born in the year of the rooster.,and im the ratcan we be possible to get along and get married? This year or by next year?

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Hi joy,

In Chinese zodiac, Rooster is not compatible with the rat in love in most cases. Here is the match result:

I'm not sure if it will be right to you. I think you can only take it as reference and don't take it seriously if you love each other.

2016 year of the monkey is a very good year for the rat people. If you could get married in this year, it will be a great boost for his career. Next year 2017 will be your zodiac year which is year of the rooster. People is usually not suggeste to get married in his/her zodiac year. So, it's good to get married in 2016.

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