Having a chance to go abroad from work or else..this year..

Asked by j***i | 4/27/2016 9:32:04 AM

I want to know if I will get a chance to go abroad this year both work wise and else?

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J***e 4/27/2016 10:03:56 AM

I could only help you check if you are good to go abroad this year if you tell me your date of birth. I think it's hard to predict if you will go abroad. It needs your effort if you want.

j***i 4/27/2016 10:48:29 AM


L*** 4/29/2016 5:05:56 AM

It's good for you to go aborad for work this year. If you have such chance, better seize the chance and don't let it go. It will be a great help for your future career development.

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