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Hi team,

DOB 05/08/1977 (DDMMYYYY)

My health..,

Want to know about my Financial status, Education & promotion & work.

Do I hold a strong hold to travel abroad & settle - earning & stay


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Hi Prince,

You are fire snake. In nature, you have no patience and perseverance, and constantly seek changes. Although you are impatient, impulsive and straightforward, you are the positive creators who don't like to rely on your ancestral property rather than making a living outside, so your are suitable to develop in the technical industry. As long as the luck turns, your can achieve success in career and make a lot of money.

In health, you are prone to have problems of ophthalmodynia, tinnitus, dry tongue, dry mouth, encephalopathy, chest pain, hypertension, coronary heart disease, dyspepsia or skelasthenia.

Check if you have a strong hold to travel abroad & settle, read your travel line on palm please:

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