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Asked by J***T | 3/14/2016 10:57:49 PM

At the part of your article which concerns the compatible zodiac signs according to the birth month of the rat, you write Girl's match ant Boy's match.

What do you mean ? (I'm french and I have a problem to understand that subtlety of language)

For example, I'm a man, I am a rat and I was born on May, do I have to consider for compatible sign with me, the sign of Ox which is in the column Boy's match ( which could mean in this case, sign which matches with a Rat Boy) or is it dragon which is in the column Girl's Match ( which could mean in this case "the girl who matches with me" ).

According to your column, what is the sign of a girl which is compatible for a man rat who is born on May ? Is it dragon, or Ox.

Best regards

John Paul

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A***r 3/15/2016 7:39:36 AM

Hi John,

Girl's Match refers to the compatible zodiac for female Rat. Boy's match is for male Rat. So, you should check Boy's match column for you. That's the Ox sign who fit you best.

Thank you for your good question. We'll make it more clear in the article.

J***T 3/15/2016 8:16:13 AM

thanks a lot for your response.
You take account of Tropical Astrology of course. For Tropical astrology a rat born on May is Taurus, but there is an other astrology which is sideral astrology. And for example, for me who is born on 8 may 1960, I become Arie in sideral astrology, as if I was born in April.
If I want also to consider my theme according to sideral astrology, do I have on your column to keep the fact that I am born on May or do I have to do as if I was born on April and consider according to this lign, that Rabbit fit me best.

I know that it's a complicated question, and perhaps you never thought to consider sideral astrology in association with chinese astrology.

Best regards

John Paul

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