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Recently in market a man selling chinese zodiac key chain where hang a chart states the fortune / nobility zodiac match.

Under the chart states nobility match is monkey. I would like to know what exactly the chinese zodiac match for snake (mean fortune / nobility) and how true it is.

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The best compatible zodiac animals for the Snake are Ox and Rooster. Tiger, Monkey and Pig are the worst matches for the Snake.
how about chinese zodiac for dragon's match. Can you let me know. I was told rooster.

thank you.
how about chinese zodiac for rat and dog. Can you please let me know also. I want to know how correct will that chart be. Being told rat match with OX and dog match with rabbit.

there are for my family members.

Thank you.
Hi project8873,

Best matches for Dragon are Rat, Monkey and Rooster.

Best matches for Rat are Dragon, Monkey and Ox.

For Dog are Tiger, Rabbit and Horse.

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