Fung Shui disagreement - Chinese mom and non Feng Shui believer Adult daughter


I am Caucasian married to a Chinese woman who practices Buddhism and is Feng Shui influenced by her Buddhist Master.
Our adult daughter does not practice Buddhism and does not necessarily believe in Feng Shui concepts. My daughter saw a home for sale that she likes, but her mom says,"no, no, no", bad fung shui. Our daughter was born in the year of the OX November 2, 1973.

How do I try to help them? I respect my wife's Buddhist beliefs, even though I don't practice myself, yet at the same time, I've read there are ways to navigate negative fung shui principles and lessen their negativity.

Hoping you can give me advice on this matter.

Larry Piersa

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Hi Larry Piersa,

This is really a headache. I suggest you ask your wife and know why it's bad Feng Shui for that house. And then try to persuade your daughter not to buy it and find another one with good Feng Shui. Believe it or not, Feng Shui really plays important role for a person's fortune. No one would like to have bad luck after living in a home with bad Feng Shui. In fact Feng Shui is very popular in many countries like America, UK, Germany etc. Many universities have classes about Feng Shui. You'd better let your daughter accept it.

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