First time dreaming of a snake


Hi, I had the dream of a Chinese shifu with a python, the python bite my lips for a very long moment. Thou teethless, didn't felt any pain. And I woke up the very next moment. Not sure of what it meant, would you be able to advise?

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Hi JL,

It indicates you are not afraid of the danger, have good luck, could more money and live happily in waking life.
Also, it may show you may be infringed by someone which will make you unhappy. Another possibility is there is some problem with your health.
Thank u for the prompt reply. Hope it's a good omen
The Chinese Si Fu with a Python is indeed an impressive image in a dream but the fact that it did not hurt when it bit u is a good sign since snakes are not necessary evil entity in Asian beliefs and since it was from a Chinese master tells me it is actually imparting wisdom to u more like a kiss than a bite to sort of shut u up in silence so ESP communication coo be used between u and others some time

So learn to speak less and observe more is the message

Gong hay fat choy...And keep Laffing no matter what ... LOL

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