Female Water Ox & Male Metal Monkey


**Correction**: He was born 01/26/81 at 11:45 am in Decatur, IL, US and I was born 10/28/73 in Phoenix, AZ, US at 7:15 pm. And we married on 10/31/16 in Puyallup, WA, US. Will we have a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous marriage?

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He is Metal Monkey and you are water Ox in Chinese. You are of medium match in love and marriage.

Both of you are excellent, stubborn and self-centered, so you need to learn how to make concession to each other. He is outgoing and confident, having good talent of performances. You are tender, reserved, realistic and cool-headed, which is considered as being passionless and dull by him. Som you need to learn to be more open.

Off of Metal runs the Water. So, he will be helpful to you in your relationship.

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