Dreaming about three twin boys


I use to dream about twin girls most of the time....and in the dream one of them laughs at me which gets me angry and makes me even fight with her....but today it changed to dreaming about threeplex boys I saw my self pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy on my own in the room something in real life I have never given birth naturally it's only through c section after given birth to the first boy I kept him in to a bucket the bock et had water in side of it the body was still breathing next thing I was rushed to the hospital to for c section to remove the remaining baby when we got there instead of one baby it was two babies the removed I was so happy my mum was there so I told her about the first baby in the bucket at home...We got home and showed my mum the baby in the bucket inside water the baby was still breathing I was afraid to carry it out but was really happy in the dream

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