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I had a mixture of things happen in my dream.
I was going around loosing tooth after tooth & bleeding and I was so emotional & embarrassed and also my mother recently passed in January 5,2017 she shows up in the dream talking to me but I don't remember at all and she looked so healthy what does this mean I cried to her. The only thing I could hear her say even though she was speaking to me I couldn't hear anything else except it'll be ok don't worry.

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Don't worry. This dream just reflect your miss to your mother. As she said it's ok, she is good in another world. Dreaming of your dead mother also shows you lack sense of safety and feel helpless in some time.

If you are a woman, dream of loosing tooth after tooth and bleeding indicates you are easy to quarrel with others recently. It just a remind to you that control your mood at any time. Another case is that there will be problem with our teeth in real.

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