Dog, Libra girl and Pig, Aquarius guy compatible?


I'm a Dog, Libra girl and my boyfriend is a Pig, Aquarius. As I rarely trust anyone, I am always suspicious about the way he sees our relationship, and I become distant. However, he always comes back and tells me it's not at all like that. I am always so confused and I wonder if he really means what he tells me.

Any opinion? Advice? Dog-Pig couples that you know about? Thanks.

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Dear ebdaral,

In Chinese zodiac, male dog and female pig are compatible with each other. Both of you are loyal and restrained in your marriage life. You are good at seeking a common ground while reserving differences to deal with all kinds of conflicts well. The male pig is gentle, passionate and easily be controlled by affection, while the female dog has complete faith in the male pig.

As Pig people with Aquarius sign, he doesn't like to be restricted. He usually like to make friends and regard friends more important than girlfriend in most cases. If you want to stay with him for the whole life, you should accept his all including weak points.

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