Dead mother getting marries


Hi I dreamed that my dead mother was an live and well, She was also just telling us get and her n boyfriend was getting married. She was happy and so was he I was excited for them his daughter had a hard time with it because i it was both of there 3rd marriage. I talked to the daughter explain to her that they all potent there whole lives taking care of us sacrificing everything for there children still do even though we are all grown. Now we have a chance to let them LIVE. Let's let them live is there time to enjoy life now. after I talked to her she was happy for them and we celebrated them getting married!

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The dream is not bad. It's an indication of her good life in another world. It also indicates in waking life, your fortune in wealth will be good recently. Your relationship with friends is good as well and you can be respected by others especially those who are younger than you.

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