confusion which one to follow


It says that everything is based on Chinese calendar. But I am confused about my Chinese zodiac . I was born on march 7, 91 and after converting into Chinese calnder it says January 21, 1991. If I have to read this prediction , according to which calendar should I follow ?

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March 7, 1991 is your date of birth based on Gregorian calendar and January 21, 1991 is your lunar date of birth.

The Chinese zodiac sign is determined according to one's lunar date of birth. As you were born in January 21, 1991 in Chinese lunar calendar which was after the Chinese lunar new year of 1991 which happens on lunar January 1st, 1991, you belong to the Chinese zodiac sign of Sheep.

Another way to explain is:
1991 year of the Sheep is starting from 02/15/1991 and lasting to 02/03/1992 in Gregorian calendar. March 7, 1991 is during this period, so you are Sheep in Chinese zodiac.

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