Child was born a sheep with 2 Ox parents


Hi my husband and I are both Ox, our 25 year old daughter is a sheep. No matter what we do, we have problems . How can we work out these differences with the incompatibility of our signs?

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Hi Ivy,

In Chinese culture, the people born in the Ox year and those born in the Sheep year are not compatible with each other. This is because the two zodiac signs clash each other seriously. This may be one of the reason causing your incompatibility.

There are some ways helping you to solve the problem:
1. You parents are suggested to wear a pendant with the zodiac sign of Snake or Rooster. Or your daughter wear one with Pig or Rabbit sign. But if you three wear the pendants at the same time, you should avoid wearing snake one if your daughter wear the pig one because pig and snake clash with each other. Also, if you wear the rooster one, your daughter should avoid the rabbit one.

2. Sleep with your head towards South or West to bring good luck in family.

3. To place the Horse or Rooster mascot in your room.

4. As Ox and Sheep both belong to the Earth element, you need metal element to weaken your dash. In color, white, apricot and the golden belong to the metal. You can wear clothes or decorate your house with these colors to help.

The most important thing is to communicate more with your daughter and give her more freedom in life. Hope your problem could be solved as soon as possible.

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