Career , Wealth & Baby ?


Both me & my partner was born in year 1985 (wood ox)

Hubby: August Leo
Me: March Aries

Need some insight on the subject mentioned above in topic

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I'm not sure if you want to know how will you do in career and wealth in 2016?

Your fortune in career will be mainly excellent in 2016. As long as you stay where you are in work instead of changing the job, you may be highly thought of by your employer. However, you may find you are hard to have tacit understanding with your workmates. Sometimes, you are easy to have quarreling and controversy. You should keep a low profile and don't interfere in what doesn't concern you. As your study fortune is good in 2016, it’s a good idea to enrich yourself through refresher courses.

You will be lucky in wealth in 2016 too. If you have any thought of investment, it's a good year for you.

For baby, I'm not sure if you have baby now. If not, a baby born in 2016 year of the Monkey is good to you. If you could wait, the baby born in Rooster year (2017) will be much better as the sign is the most compatible animal sign to you.

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