Bracelet Charms for Money and Wealth


Can you tell me what Mala/Bracelet I can/should wear for luck?

Name: Talib Hussain
DOB: 30 January 1974
Time: Around 10 AM

also if you can tell me something about this year for me.

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You are under the Chinse zodiac sign of the Tiger. For people born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Tiger in 1974 will not have a stable and steady overall development in 2022 as it's your zodiac year ( 
To improvide your luck in money and wealth, you are suggested to wear the following bracelet: 
I bought a Pixui jade bracelet it's on its way. I just just read that people born under year if the rabbit shouldn't wear pixui as dragon and rabbit are not compatible. Can I keep the bracelet in the house by the front door or in my shop window. If not can I give it as a gift to a friend?
Regards Latoya
You'd better not keep it. It's good for you to give it to one of your friends as a gift.

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