Blood and tattoo.


I had a dream I went into a tattoo parlor to get a tattoo and they had to sedate me while I got it, when I woke up I was in a hospital with a IV attached to my arm and blood was being gave to me. after a while I felt like it was to much and I took the IV out and let some blood flow onto my clothes. I then reattached the IV to my other arm and after a while I took it out and let it again flow onto my clothes and I then reattached it to my stomach, when I looked at my stomach I had a tattoo but it was unfinished. I walked into the hospital bathroom to get a better look . When I looked into the mirror I realized the tattoo was unfinished and knew I would have to go through this again. My grandma was there and she said no way you are going through this again! when I walked back to the bed I noticed there was blood on my blankets and sheets and I was trying to hide it from my grandma. she saw it but she acted as if she didn't. I laid back down and looked where my IV was in my stomach and noticed it was gone.

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This dream implies you will have good luck or fortune in waking life I think.

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