Best months to try for baby 2017 and our fortune for year of rooster?


My husband is a water pig (1983) and I'm a fire rabbit (1987) we are thinking of starting a family next year.... what is the best time... months in 2017 to start trying.... also what does our fortune hold for us and what can we do to improve it apart from wearing out lucky colours?

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Hi Chuen li smart,

Thinking of starting a family next year means get married or trying for baby?

You can check your fortune in 2017 here:

Luck in 2017 for Water Pig born in 1983:
Luck in 2017 for Fire Rabbit born in 1987:

By wearing your lucky colours is one of the effective ways to make you relationship good.
When I say thinking of starting a family I meant trying for a baby
You'd better plan to try during the second half of 2017. So, your baby will be born in the Dog year. Baby born in the dog year will be compatible and good for your family harmony.

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