best matches based on ox birthday


September 28 1997

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Hi Jerry,

Your best matches based on the China zodiac compatibility chart are the people of the Rat, Snake or Rooster sign.

Rat (born during 02/19/1996 - 02/06/1997)
Snake (born during 01/24/2001 02/11/2002)
Rooster (born during 01/23/1993 02/09/1994)

The people under Ox, Tiger, Monkey or Pig is also ok to be your lover.
can you help find my ox bithday month personally
Hi jerry,
Your birth month in Chinese lunar calendar is August. It's an auspicious birth month. For the Ox people born in lunar August, you are usually healthy and have a good luck in wealth. The whole life for you will be free from mishaps.

In personality, you are smart, creative and enegetic. Besides, you are good at art. But you usually lack of assertiveness when doing things. When meeting difficulties, you could rebound from the state of depression soon. In relationship, you are popular among others. While, you would be discontented although become rich.
so i am augt sociable or sept quick witted and intelligent based on birthday months

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