Baby Gender Prediction and Selection

Want to know your baby's gender? Share your birthday and conception date and let others predict your baby's gender. Or want to find out best conceiving dates for preferred gender? Share your DOB here.

Gender prediction

1 Reply Asked by S***B | 11/14/2021 4:38:39 AM

Hi, Pls confirm the baby boy prediction date for following DOB in 2022. DOB : 29th November 1...

Gender of baby

1 Reply Asked by U***M | 11/9/2021 10:18:28 AM

Lmp-15 September 2021 Dob 3 December 1992 Tell me gender of baby

Chance of Conceive Baby Boy

1 Reply Asked by P***d | 11/5/2021 1:36:12 AM

My dob is 02/10/1983 I have 3.5 years old girl planning for second child and wanted to have bab...

Baby boy

1 Reply Asked by D***p | 11/4/2021 9:24:59 PM

My DOB is 18/04/79 . Kindly give me best possible dates for baby boy concieve between November,...

Baby girl

1 Reply Asked by S***i | 11/3/2021 3:40:10 PM

We have 2 boys. We would like to conceive a baby girl. When should i get preganant. My date of ...

Try ro conceive for a boy

1 Reply Asked by A*** | 11/2/2021 5:47:19 PM

My last period are october 31.2021 my dob is April 20.1987. When can I try for a boy. I alread...

Wanting to know my baby gender

3 Replies Asked by A***e | 10/28/2021 7:18:59 AM

My last period was on 17 September n my D.O.B is 4 Oct 1986 n I conceived on 23 Oct 2021 plz ca...

I'm planning to have a baby Boy in 2022

2 Replies Asked by K***a | 10/23/2021 1:33:33 AM

My DOB is November 7th 1990, Already I have a 2 year baby girl and I want second baby as a Boy,...

Possible dates for boy concieve

1 Reply Asked by P***a | 10/16/2021 1:32:05 PM

My DOB is 18/04/79 . Kindly give me best possible dates for baby boy concieve between 15/11/21 ...

To conceive baby boy in 2021

1 Reply Asked by A***e | 10/4/2021 5:29:45 PM

I wanted to conceive baby boy in 2021 when s the best time n month for me to conceive boy my la...

Want to conceive for a baby boy

1 Reply Asked by n*** | 10/3/2021 12:55:45 PM

Hi, I wanted to know thebest conception dates to have a baby boy. The first day of my lastper...

Which baby I have

1 Reply Asked by K***a | 10/2/2021 2:07:53 AM

My DOB is April 6th 1992,Now I have 6th months running, Last period date is March last week exa...

Second child gender prediction bets time

1 Reply Asked by f***s | 10/1/2021 7:52:43 AM

We are planning for a second child. I born on 4/4/86 and we would like to know if we want to co...

Planning to have baby Boy in 2022

1 Reply Asked by K***a | 10/1/2021 3:03:00 AM

My DOB is November 7th 1990, I have already 2 year old girl baby, I want to second baby as a Bo...

choosing baby boy 2022

2 Replies Asked by j***a | 10/1/2021 12:12:12 AM

i want to conceive boy in 2022 ,DOB 4/2/1988 .

We have baby girl. What will be the suitable conception date for the baby boy.

0 Reply Asked by I***i | 9/26/2021 3:20:55 AM

My date of birth is 18 January 1983. We already have baby girl. My last period was 8th Septembe...

Planning for Baby Boy

2 Replies Asked by S***e | 9/25/2021 7:14:17 AM

Hello, My sister BOD is 29-06-1990 and last period date is 15-08-2021. Please provide conceive ...

Planning to conceive for baby boy 2021

0 Reply Asked by A***e | 9/24/2021 10:05:58 PM

My DOB 4 Oct 1986 my last menstruation 17 sept 2021 when s the best time day n month to conceiv...

My date off birth 1996/08/26 and my conception date is 2021/02/22baby boy are gi

1 Reply Asked by A***a | 9/23/2021 11:15:13 PM

And plese tell me my lunar age and month baby boy are girl

I want to know about the gender

1 Reply Asked by A***h | 9/15/2021 12:57:39 PM

6th week of pregnancy..last period date 3rd August 2021 ..but on internet it was 17th August..d...

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